Collection: Abstract Florals

My artistic vision revolves around color, with all of my paintings inspired by nature and its unparalleled beauty. I am deeply passionate about capturing the essence of flowers in vivid, bright color palettes. Through my art, I aim to evoke a sense of joy and wonderment, reminding the viewers of the beauty found all around us in nature. 

I combine traditional painting techniques with contemporary abstract themes, creating a unique visual language that resonates not only with art lovers, but also flower enthusiasts.

My studio’s mission is to spread joy through my colorful pieces, “Happy Art”, as I like to call them. I want my art to be seen and bring a sense of calm and encourage feelings of peace that we experience from seeing the beauty of colorful flowers. I love seeing happy people around me, and I aim is to boost your serotonin levels with my art and contribute to spreading that joy!

If any part of my vision speaks to you, then head on up and select a painting that resonates with the art lover in you!

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