Collection: 3D Textured Florals

The essence of this collection is to bring an element of nature into your space with a modern artistic touch that goes with any setting, based on what color palettes you choose or have commissioned. 

I draw inspiration from flowers as my muse, and meticulously craft color palettes that dance in perfect harmony to bring joy to your space. The texture in these pieces is to bring an element of touch from nature - touching a flower or a plant, along with the scent and feel of them, add to the experience of enjoying and feeling it. That is something I love to do when I’m outdoors, and holding on to that feeling is what helped me bring this vision to life in my textured floral paintings.

Each of these pieces is created with textured acrylic in vivid, expansive color palettes to bring an element of sculpture onto canvas. I love bringing that 3D effect of petals in each piece, with perfected strokes to give the beautifully sculpted appearance of leaves and petals. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and if you are a flower lover like myself, please browse the collection and pick a piece that resonates with you in color. If you like a certain color palette, you can commission your own piece or set in custom dimensions by contacting the artist. 

Commission Your Custom Piece

Fully customizable colors and dimensions for canvas size.

View commission request details here and get in touch to begin the process and let us bring your vision to life!

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