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Namira B. Studio

'A Symphony of Spring' Original Painting

'A Symphony of Spring' Original Painting

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Limited Edition Original Painting

Created at a Live Art Performance at World Art Dubai Fair 2024
Size: 70x100 cm (28x39")
Deep-Edge Stretched Canvas (2" Depth)
Medium: Textured Acrylic

🔸 Original artwork done in a unique abstract design with textured floral elements
🔸 Created by the artist Live at World Art Dubai Fair 2024
🔸 Certificate of Authenticity included
🔸 Ships in a box and double-packed inside to ensure zero damage to the painting
🔸 Deep-Edge Canvas with 2" depth with painted-over sides - can be hung without a frame and still look stunning in its originality! 

🌸 Story Behind the Art 🌸

The theme of this painting was a scene from a magical forest at the cusp of Spring, with the unparalleled beauty of springtime blooms intertwined with vibrant hues and dancing tones. The way I envisioned it was, each little flower in this painting represents a small part of Spring and captures the essence of renewal as petals dance between the trees and light. The canvas bursts with a symphony of colors, from the soft pastels of blossoms to the bold pinks of peonies, creating a mesmerizing pull that evokes a sense of enchantment. It's as if the viewer is transported to a realm where time stands still, and entirely surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

Creating this painting live at the art fair was the most incredible experience of my art career. People came up to me and asked questions about my process, techniques, how I choose my colors, and asking to take photos of my work. The highlight of my event was when a little girl came right up to my painting, watching me work with so much curiosity, and asked me how I learned to paint flowers like that (referring to the textured lily). I told her I started many years ago, and it took me a lot of failed attempts, ruined paintings, and hard work to get to this point. When she asked if she was too little to paint like that, I decided to aid her curiosity, and perhaps inspire a young mind to explore creativity without fear holding them back - I asked her to help me paint a flower. I showed her how to use the palette knife, and with a few swipes, she created a rough textured flower on my canvas. (I did have to fix it up a bit after she left, but the experience was the most beautiful moment!) Working with kids is always an absolute joy for me, and this kept my smile going until the end of the event!

So this painting holds a very special place in my heart. The collector with the winning bid will be taking home a truly one-of-a-kind painting from a live show, which holds so many moments of interactions, memories, and a couple of suggestions I even adapted into the work on the spot when some attendees put in their 2 cents! (The ideas were small details but really inspired, I loved that!)


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